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Calculator components allow you to easily add specialized calculators to your Web pages, including "Cash Flow Calculator", "Retirement Savings Calculator", "Variable Compounding & Deposit Savings Calculator", "Mortgage Calculator", "Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator", and "Typing Test Calculator", to name but a few.

Click on "Page" in the top-left corner of the Page Editor. Click on "Other". Click on "Calculator".

This option allows you to add a calculator to the Web page. You can add the following type of calculators:

Body Mass
Calorie Burn
Cash Flow
Children's Math Tutor
College Funding
Daily Calorie Intake
Debt Consolidation
Debt Investment
Expense Percentage
Generic Savings
Loan Comparison
Monthly Deposit Savings
Net Worth
Payment Breakdown
Portfolio Mix
Resting Metabolic Rate
Retirement Savings
Savings Goal
Single Deposit Savings
Variable Compound Savings

Edit Calculator
When you begin adding this component, you will see the following screen:

Specify the type of calculator that you wish to add to the page in the drop-down menu next to the text "Calculator Type". To see a sample of the calculator, click on the button "Show Sample". To continue adding that calculator type as the calculator component, click on the button "Update".

After you click on the button "Update" to select your calculator type, the system will report to you that the calculator has been updated:

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