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The Map Component will display a map on the Web page that will allow visitors to zoom in and out around the address that you specify.

Click on "Page" in the top-left corner of the Page Editor. Click on "Other". Click on "Map".

Edit Map
If you want to generate a map based on the default address that you have listed in the My Account section, select your address in the drop-down menu.

If you want to specify another address to use for the map component, select "<- Load Address ->" in the drop-down menu. Fill out all of the address information in the related fields so that the Page Editor can generate a map to that address on the Web page.

For best results, please use the full address names. If that does not pull up a valid map, you may use variations of the street address - for example, use "St." or "St" for "street", use "Rd." or "Rd" for "Road", and so on. If you know the 9-digit zipcode for the address you want to display, this greatly helps in pinpointing the correct address to display.

The drop-down for Directions Class allows you to assign a class to the text link that provides directions to the displayed address.

When done configuring your options, click on the button "Update" to save and apply your changes to the Web page.

If the map created does not accurately reflect your location, you can customize it.  In the lower half of the map component window, simply click and drag the marker to your desired spot, then copy the Latitude and Longitude numbers to the matching fields above the Update button. After updating, your map marker will be changed to match the new location.

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