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To add a menu navigation for all of your pages, you would use a Navigation component.

Click on "Page" in the top-left corner of the Page Editor. Click on "Other". Click on "Navigation".

When you add the Navigation component, you will have the following screen:

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Edit Menu
If you want the Page Editor to automate the process of the menu navigation, click on the radio button next to the text "Yes". The Page Editor will generate links to all of active pages that have a Menu Name assigned.

If you select "No" to automate the menu navigation, you will have to define each menu listing. Enter the text you want to display on the Web site in the field "Text", the page you want to link to in the field "Link", and specify whether you want the link to open the page in a new window. If you want to secure the links to the new page, click on the checkbox "Secure". When done specifying your new menu listing, click on the button "Create New Element". Once you have menu listings, you can modify them, move up or down (using the up and down black arrows), and delete the menu listing.

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Navigation Component Menu Style
To customize the settings for your Navigation component, click on the button "Customize". Select a Menu Style in the drop-down menu at the top of the window. You have options to select "Default", "Image" and "3Image". Once you have chosen a Menu Style, click on the button "Update" to see additional options.
Default menu Style
Image Menu Style
3Image Menu Style
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