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This component will add flags of different countries whose languages that your Web site has been translated in to. When a customer clicks on the flags, your entire Web site will be translated in to the national lanugage of that country.

Click on "Page" in the top-left corner of the Page Editor. Click on "Other". Click on "Language Translator".

Language Translator
Number of languages allowed - informs you of the maximum number of languages that your Web site can be translated in to.

URL - specify the URL of your Web site that will be translated. If you have a domain name, you will want to use that instead of the long address of your Web site (that is, the default address of your Web site).

Source Language - informs you of the language that the Page Editor will recognize as the source for the Language Translator component.

Languages - checkmark the languages (up to the maximum) that you would like your Web site to be translated to.

When done specifying your options, click on the button "Update" to save and apply your changes.

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