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You would log in to the Administration in order to access the
Account Manager, Website Editor, and other areas of the Administration. To log in, you must have a user ID. If you do not yet have a user ID, please contact Technical Support for further assistance. A link is also provided in case you forgot your user password. For security, you should exit Administration by logging out.

In the address field in your Internet browser, type the address of your starting page (provided when your site was activated), and then click on the button "Go" or press the enter key on your keyboard.

In the text boxes provided, enter your username and password. When done, click on the button "Login" to log in to the Administration. Please keep in mind that the username and password are both case sensitive.

If you do not know your password, please contact Technical Support so that we can send you a temporary password or click the "Forgot password?" link on the login page.

You can also view the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy when you are attempting to log in to the Administration. The Terms of Service must be agreed upon before activation of the Web site. Please read the Terms of Service periodically for any possible changes that might affect you. The Terms of Service is the legal agreement between you and us, your Web site hosting company. The Privacy Policy explains your privacy rights when you use the Web site building software and when you register as a new user.

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Forgot Your Password?
If you cannot remember your password when attempting to log in to the Administration, click on the blue text "Forgot Password?". The Administration will then ask you to verify your username. After you enter the username, click on the button "Submit".

The Administration will send an e-mail to the e-mail address listed for your username account:

Once you have the e-mail, go to the Web address that is provided in the e-mail to change your password.

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Click on this link to log out of the Site Administration.

It is preferable to log out of the Administration using the above link - especially for security purposes should another person immediately use your computer after you.

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