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Use this option to reload the Page Editor page that you are working on.
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This option allows you to specify your settings for your Site Builder Administration. You can specify the Page Admin Settings and your Performance Settings.

The Page Admin Settings allows you to enable/disable bubble help, enable/disable bubble descriptions, enable/disable borders, enable/disable cursor auto focus, enable/disable the use of Java, select between Simple and Advanced Mode for the Administration, and select the time delay before a bubble help displays on the page.

The Performance Settings allows you to optimize the speed at which the Administration responds based on the speed of your computer, your choice of Internet browser, and the speed of your Internet connection. Click on the button "Run Benchmarks" to allow the Administration to communicate with your computer.

When the new window opens and finishes loading (this could take anywhere from 3 seconds to 15 seconds), you will see the information that the computer reported back to the Administration. Click on the buttons "Set Browser Type", "Set Processor Speed", and "Set Connection Type" to assign the listed information as your benchmarks.

If you are done making modifications to your Options for your Administration, click on the button "Set Configuration" to save and apply your changes to the Administration.
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Use this option to return to the Website Editor main menu.

This section of the Page Editor navigation bar indicates if the page that you are editing is active or inactive. You set a page to active or inactive via the page modifier options on the Website Editor main menu.

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