Rebuild Search Engine

The Rebuild Search Engine Tool allows you to create a searchable index of your Web site's content, so that visitors can find pages that are of interest to them. The tool can read HTML pages that you upload as well as pages created by the Website Editor, as long as you have links to those pages. Use the "Rebuild Search Engines Tool" after each "Publish", so that search results include your site's latest changes.

The tool works in combination with components. The Search Component displays search options on the page to which you add the component. You may add search components to as many pages as you wish. The Search Result Component sets up a layout for displaying search results.

Specify the URL that you want the Rebuild Search Engine Tool to index. This will allow customers using that Web address to use the Search Component to search your Web site.

The "Rebuild Search Engines Tool" allows you to set which part of a page is most important for ranking the pages that appear in the results of a search. This is done by assigning weight to each section that a page can contain:

Usually, the words in a page's title are most important, so you should enter the highest number (a four) into the "Title Weight" field. The meta description usually is the least important part of a page. If that is true in your site, then enter the lowest possible weight (a one) into the "Description Weight" field. Similarly, enter weight values into the "Keywords Weight" and "Body Weight" fields.

When you are done assigning the precedence for your search parameters, click on "Submit" to have the Rebuild Search Engine Tool create a database of your Web site. After you click on "Submit", the following screen will appear:

Depending on the complexity and number of pages, the system will take approximately 2 minutes to index your Web site. If you return back to the Rebuild Search Engine Tool and see the following screen, the Search Engine server is not finished with indexing your site:

The Rebuild Search Engine tool will also report when the last time your Web site was indexed:

Please keep in mind that if you add new pages or modifying existing components, the Rebuild Search Engine Tool must be run again in order to allow your customer to search the new or modified information.

After the Web site has been indexed by the Rebuild Search Engine Tool, you must Publish the Web site so that your Web site visitors will be able to search the latest information.

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