New Features

June 2007
The Map Component has been enhanced, with the ability to place the marker in any desired spot, using Custom Latitude and Custom Longitude

October 2006

The new Image Validation form field lets you protect your site from form submissions by automated spammers.  Simply add the component to your form, and check the Use Image Validation box in Form Processor Manager and your site will be safe from spammers.

September 2006
The new Database tool lets you easily store and display searchable information. The Database lets you:
February 2006
The new Rich Text (RTE) component lets you edit text even more easily and powerfully than via Text components. The RTE Editor lets you:

May 2005
Publish has been enhanced, improving upon what was already one of the most powerful Web site publishing tools on the Internet. The new Publish:

April and May, 2005
Domains manager has been updated to improve performance and the information provided. The Domains manager now:

March 2005
File Cabinet Manager tool has been enhanced, greatly expanding upon the file management options provided by the prior tool: Note that your existing directory password settings (set via the old Password Protection tool) have been copied into the File Cabinet Manager's "Password" directory action. Similarly, your Website Permissions for "File Cabinet" apply to the File Cabinet Manager generally, and your Website Permissions for "Publish" apply to the new "Sync Website" option. Only the siteowner can access the Password options for directories and files.

Continuing Improvements

Even when no specific enhancements are featured here, please be aware that we constantly work to improve the hardware and software that make up the 3.0 Web site system. For example, we have refined our "load balancing" recently, allowing faster access to your Admin and to shoppers' secure checkout despite ever increasing numbers of users.

Log of Older Features

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