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The Administration window includes a
main navigation menu, a secondary navigation bar with tabs to subareas of Administration and text indicating which area of Administration you are in, and an options area which provides information about your current settings and the actual options that you will use to perform administrative functions. The screenshot below illustrates the general areas:

Main Navigation
In the top-right corner of the Administration window, links are provided to navigate to the following areas:
"My Account", "Cart", "Help", Live Chat Support, "Contact Us", and "Logout". These navigation links always appear in the upper part of the Administration window, except when editing a page (the page editor window has its own top navigation bar). Here is the main navigation menu:

Secondary Navigation
When you click on the main navigation menu links, the Administration will display the appropriate secondary navigation bar for that section of the Administration. Text is displayed detailing the main menu section that you are in. For example, if you are in the "My Account" section, you will see "Account Manager":

To the right of that text are tabs for the secondary navigation options. The tabs vary according to which main menu section you are in. For example, in the "My Account" section, the following secondary navigation bar will appear:

Options Area
Clicking on a tab on the secondary navigation bar will display options for that secondary navigation menu. These will appear in the large content area of the Administration window, and may include links, menus, forms, selection lists, etc.

If you click the "Home" tab on the Account Manager secondary navigation bar, for example, then the lower area of the Administration window will change to provide a dropdown menu to access any Web site(s) assigned to your username, a dropdown menu to access any other users' Web sites to which you have been given access, and a link to your user account's billing:

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