Getting Started with Version 3.0

Your web site comes with pages containing images, industry standard text, a contact form, an interactive map, etc. It also includes built-in tools to manage your site. You may change your site at any time you wish, as often as you wish, from any computer connected to the Internet. This is an introduction to using your Web site's editor and other tools. Click the "Learn More" text links for detailed information, which will open in its own window.

Before you begin making any changes, it's important to know how to undo a change. You may undo the last ten changes. You may also redo a change that you have undone. Some changes cannot be undone. You will be warned before you commit such a permanent change, for example when you are about to delete a page from your web site. Please read all warnings and prompts carefully.

Choose a tutorial from the following list by clicking its title, or click on the left and right arrows at the bottom of each tutorial's page to move from one tutorial to the next. All of the tutorials assume that you are in Advanced mode.

Click the arrow below to begin the first tutorial.

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