Component Basics

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Standard Component Properties | Rich Text Properties | Select Colors | Rich Text Color | Select Images | Component Types

All components have a tab option called "Properties". The properties of the component allow you to change the name, bookmark, horizontal lines before and after, blank lines before and after, blank spaces before and after, alignment, and a class.

When you are done making your changes, you must click on the button "Update" to apply your changes to the component.

Rich Text Properties
The Rich Text component has many of the same options in its Properties menu, but there are two small differences. Alignment is not a setting in Properties for Rich Text because you set it in the main Edit Rich Text screen. There is also a new setting unique to Rich Text:

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Select Colors
Any time you see a dashed square next to the text "No Color", click on the dashed square to select a color. If you already have selected a color, the square will be in the color that you last specified.

After you have clicked on the colored square, a color palette will appear.

Click on a colored square in the color palette to use that color. To add a new color, click on the button "Add Color". To edit the color for an existing color label, click on the 6 digit alpha-numeric color code.

Click here for more information on the color palette.

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Selecting a Color in the Rich Text Component
Choosing a color while working in the Rich Text component is much the same as selecting a color in other areas of the editor.

Begin by highlighting the text you would like to change, then click the colored box near the top of the window. The color palette will appear.

Click the colored box for the color you want, and it will be applied to the highlighted text. To add a new color, click on the link "Add Color". The window for adding a color to the palette will appear.

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Select an Image
When you click on the button "Select" to select an image for the image component, the Page Editor opens up a new window. The three white text options allow you to select an image from your directory or the image library, an image from the Internet, and to upload a new image file. Click on the section that best identifies where your image is located. The Page Editor recognizes BMP, JPG, GIF, and PNG file formats.

Select an Image from your Image Directory
Select an Image from the Web
Upload an Image from your Computer

Component Types
There are three categories of components. Standard, Container, and Other.